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Interesting Days Ahead

Still alive, still breathing Fresh Oxygen from the new factory plants, having a ball... Are you following my Twitter yet? @freedom4life See picture, video and tweets of all sorts. Smile, it changes peoples days. Speaking of Days, CTRL V

September 24, Friday
This is an active time, with the moon in fiery Aries, and the
sun moving towards the square to Pluto. There could be
skirmishes over power and control.

September 25, Saturday
This is much like yesterday, just more intense. Things get
a little earthier when the moon enters Taurus.

September 26, Sunday
This is a powerful time. Hidden issues come up, with the
sun/Pluto square. And there could be some conflicts
around money and sexuality, with the moon in Taurus
opposing the Venus/Mars conjunction in Scorpio.

Take that as ever you like. My gut says something BIGGER than big in the History books.... It's that time of year again too - Birthday of King of Kings, Lord of Lords. May his gift, be your gift, to give away.

Happy Days!
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