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To my LJ friends recently involved with Bikie issues... I just connected a whole bunch of dots & wanted to let you know I have dispatched 2 Legions of Angelic Heroes to assist in resolution. Sleep tonight my friends with peace in your hearts. All things have purpose and today has been many many years in the making. The first day I arrived in Maryborough a historic building was 'arsoned' or so my intuition showed me that very morning. In HIS time HIS will IS done. Now let Go, let his way complete this horrible time for you both, and with young child! Your best days are just ahead!

Freedom Rocks!

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Long time no journal entry. gets most of my posts these days, but here is one, not going onto Twitter: If you follow the past history in this journal my shares in Austar United (AUN) on the ASX has had much discussion, from lows of 14 cents, original purchase at 43 cents and a staff incentive bonus scheme to add stock value. Today, this Stockmarket project is complete, all my shares, 100% in AUN are SOLD at $1.285 - Today's highest paid seller price!!! Woohoo At close of trade after over 49 million shares had swapped hands the price was $1.250 I'll be keen to watch the future as Liberty Global is rumoured to want to sell the company, after buying so many shares back? The Board of Directors are the real winners in this like most other Public Companies. To much unaccountable Greed for their Time, hmmm. And to think that my job has now been taken by a computer robot lady and if needed, a human in Phillipines. Such a shame to see jobs exported.

As all my websites have remained unprofitable for the past decade, the earnings from the sale will contribute to my Jeep Mechanical overdue overhaul. And maybe a new computer, also overdue, my poor 40 GB laptop has been running on 98% full for over a year... Let's see what 2011/12 brings.... apart from Revolutionary Change.

Happy Days,
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Interesting Days Ahead

Still alive, still breathing Fresh Oxygen from the new factory plants, having a ball... Are you following my Twitter yet? @freedom4life See picture, video and tweets of all sorts. Smile, it changes peoples days. Speaking of Days, CTRL V

September 24, Friday
This is an active time, with the moon in fiery Aries, and the
sun moving towards the square to Pluto. There could be
skirmishes over power and control.

September 25, Saturday
This is much like yesterday, just more intense. Things get
a little earthier when the moon enters Taurus.

September 26, Sunday
This is a powerful time. Hidden issues come up, with the
sun/Pluto square. And there could be some conflicts
around money and sexuality, with the moon in Taurus
opposing the Venus/Mars conjunction in Scorpio.

Take that as ever you like. My gut says something BIGGER than big in the History books.... It's that time of year again too - Birthday of King of Kings, Lord of Lords. May his gift, be your gift, to give away.

Happy Days!
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New Video - Long Live Life

Currently as I type, a new video is being uploaded from my iPhone to youTube. The song is featured at

As per normal, live and without scripts, I obediently started recording this video. During it's upload I searched the correct spelling of Jerusalem, and discovered at the Lyrics and Meaning behind the song by Cold Play, Viva La Vida

Here is full link and a Snip from page, the full lyrics are here too:

When Christ died, he went to hell and took the keys of death and hell from Satan. If you listen to the words (My mirror, my shield, my sword)...It's sounds like My mere soul is in Sheol (a.k.a hell) and missionals (not my missionaries) are in spread throughout foreign lands. Remember it's not always what the songwriter writes but how one listens and interrprets the words. Led Zepplin did this in some of their songs where words didn't make sense on paper but when you hear it, its another sentance in its entirety.

Christ didn't role the dice, the soldiers casted lots for his clothes when he was on the cross. Christ was scared when he went to the cross but he did it out of obedience. When he went to the cross out of obedience, Satan's doninion failed. Hence how he lost the keys and his kingdom failed through Christ's sacrifice. (one king dead, another lives). Though its written as sand, if you listen, he says salt. (Lot's wife Sodom & Gomorrah), canyons of the earth are made of salt..Salt is sand.
Think about it... Satan is still King of this earth until Christ come and set up his dominion.(Book of Revelation)..St. Pete calls on Christ often, but Satan will not be called by St. Pete.

<snip ends>
I read and discovered this after the video was filmed and uploading began. Symbolism. The communication of God?

<Another Snip>
Viva la Vida (Spanish for Long Live Life or Live the life) takes its name from a painting by 20th century Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. The album's artwork features the painting Liberty Leading the People (La Liberté guidant le peuple) by French painter Eugène Delacroix, commemorating the July Revolution of 1830.
<end snip>

P.S first upload failed with a few minutes remaining, just another Horn blow but that God for persistent builders

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An Austar AUN update

As an owner of AUN Austar United Shares, when they do good, I like to get excited when I see that happen and end up posting posts just like this one... Woo Hoo... Up 9 Cents Today! Twitter could be rockin'!

Quote result

Closing price at: 04/08/09

Code Move Last Bid Offer High Low Open Prev. Close Trades Volume
AUN +0.09 1.13 1.13 1.14 1.14 1.08 1.10 1.04 1225 6618799

Hope that stays in the right order. Closing price $1.13 a bust higher than their lowest in my ASX watching and as covered years ago in this blog,

Thanks for reading,

P.S. Have you seen my newest daytrade software I use to play the forex market... eToro is about time... discover more.
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Wonder of it All - Forestry Driving in Queensland 29July2009 presents this awesome new fullCut video, almost direct from an Apple iPhone 3Gs

Enjoy 5 minutes driving (*Filmed under controlled conditions) through a Forestry Region of Queensland, possibly soon to be sold by Anna Bligh, a Labor Premier. Support and protect this region with lifetime conservation and if we are quick, some original fishing shacks too (URGENT)

Music is what my Jeep Radio had in tune, please also enjoy.

Discover More about FarmerChristian @
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Forex Day Trading Software and Lifestyle addition

It has been just over 24 hours since beginning Forex Trading and it has a long time coming but now eToro is here is so easy. I'm $300 up in demo mode using real statistics so in my excitement in wanting to share this with everyone, I have created another mini site, and opened a bonus mini site. The first is and the second is I'll keep you informed with my progress and here is some more information regarding the Forex, Foreign Exchange Market.

The financial world is now going through some turbulent
times. The global economic crisis has affected markets and economies worldwide and
has rendered the financial markets unstable. The crisis has deepened recently due
to negative investor sentiment. In these critical conditions most investors are
pulling their money out of the falling stock markets and looking for available alternatives
for investment.

Many investors have found this alternative in the forex
market. Unlike other financial markets the forex market literally cannot crash.
This is due to the fact that in the forex market one invests in a currency's value
relatively to another currency. One is always buying and selling at the same time.
Therefore one can profit when one currency weakens against another just as much
as if it were strengthening against the same currency. In fact, the instability
that the global crisis has introduced into the market is considered by many to be
a positive thing. Volatility in the forex market, despite perhaps making it more
risky, also provides greater opportunities for profit. The sharper the swings the
currencies go through against each other, the more forex traders stand to profit.

And because this volatility makes the trades riskier,
forex dealers also provide traders with tools to reduce their risk. Stop Loss orders
are a very commonly used tool in forex traders, because they allow traders to limit
the amount they are risking while their profits remain potentially limitless. One
does not even have to risk the entire amount of their investment. For example, if
one invests $100 on a trade they can place a stop loss order that will close the
trade in case the rate of the currency pair reaches a level that leaves only $50
to take back. This allows traders to protect themselves from unpredictable market
movements while simultaneously allowing them to take advantage of this same market

Despite these obvious advantages, some people still hesitate
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The Forex trading industry

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About eToro

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