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New Video - Long Live Life

Currently as I type, a new video is being uploaded from my iPhone to youTube. The song is featured at

As per normal, live and without scripts, I obediently started recording this video. During it's upload I searched the correct spelling of Jerusalem, and discovered at the Lyrics and Meaning behind the song by Cold Play, Viva La Vida

Here is full link and a Snip from page, the full lyrics are here too:

When Christ died, he went to hell and took the keys of death and hell from Satan. If you listen to the words (My mirror, my shield, my sword)...It's sounds like My mere soul is in Sheol (a.k.a hell) and missionals (not my missionaries) are in spread throughout foreign lands. Remember it's not always what the songwriter writes but how one listens and interrprets the words. Led Zepplin did this in some of their songs where words didn't make sense on paper but when you hear it, its another sentance in its entirety.

Christ didn't role the dice, the soldiers casted lots for his clothes when he was on the cross. Christ was scared when he went to the cross but he did it out of obedience. When he went to the cross out of obedience, Satan's doninion failed. Hence how he lost the keys and his kingdom failed through Christ's sacrifice. (one king dead, another lives). Though its written as sand, if you listen, he says salt. (Lot's wife Sodom & Gomorrah), canyons of the earth are made of salt..Salt is sand.
Think about it... Satan is still King of this earth until Christ come and set up his dominion.(Book of Revelation)..St. Pete calls on Christ often, but Satan will not be called by St. Pete.

<snip ends>
I read and discovered this after the video was filmed and uploading began. Symbolism. The communication of God?

<Another Snip>
Viva la Vida (Spanish for Long Live Life or Live the life) takes its name from a painting by 20th century Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. The album's artwork features the painting Liberty Leading the People (La Liberté guidant le peuple) by French painter Eugène Delacroix, commemorating the July Revolution of 1830.
<end snip>

P.S first upload failed with a few minutes remaining, just another Horn blow but that God for persistent builders

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