Christian (freedom4life) wrote,


Long time no journal entry. gets most of my posts these days, but here is one, not going onto Twitter: If you follow the past history in this journal my shares in Austar United (AUN) on the ASX has had much discussion, from lows of 14 cents, original purchase at 43 cents and a staff incentive bonus scheme to add stock value. Today, this Stockmarket project is complete, all my shares, 100% in AUN are SOLD at $1.285 - Today's highest paid seller price!!! Woohoo At close of trade after over 49 million shares had swapped hands the price was $1.250 I'll be keen to watch the future as Liberty Global is rumoured to want to sell the company, after buying so many shares back? The Board of Directors are the real winners in this like most other Public Companies. To much unaccountable Greed for their Time, hmmm. And to think that my job has now been taken by a computer robot lady and if needed, a human in Phillipines. Such a shame to see jobs exported.

As all my websites have remained unprofitable for the past decade, the earnings from the sale will contribute to my Jeep Mechanical overdue overhaul. And maybe a new computer, also overdue, my poor 40 GB laptop has been running on 98% full for over a year... Let's see what 2011/12 brings.... apart from Revolutionary Change.

Happy Days,
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