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Hi there, I.am/christian and for many years I have thought about putting my life and the journey I'm on, onto the internet for all to explore and maybe even cross paths with others at some point in time. I started a website called freedom4life.com in 2000 and now run it in conjunction with i.am/christian which together is my 3rd attempt of having a website. The first was back in 1996/7 when I was living in Sydney and was quite successful however I lost interest in it, became a bit too popular for my own good.

Anyway this time has been slow and easy going so expect it to last.
The internet has changed in a big way since 1996.

MORE ABOUT ME: I am Male, 28 and living on the Gold Coast Australia. Single but always ready to settle down with the right person, when you finally turn up! I work part time and also have a part time global/home based business and internet affiliate programs happening too. I'm honest, caring, down to earth and can be a little shy. I have lived in Melbourne, Sydney, Lake Macquarie, Darwin, Cairns, Atherton and for most of my life Gold Coast where I completed most of my schooling. I completed Year 12 in 1991. I have traveled a lot of Australia and have been overseas to New Zealand, Singapore, Bali, L.A, N.Y, Florida, London, Egypt and Israel.

FUTURE OUTLOOK: I look forward to a peaceful world where everyone can just love each other - when they finally love themselves enough first! Australia Rocks! One day I plan to live in Q1 - The world's Tallest Residential building, right here on the Gold Coast(under construction) Can't wait to show you!
For my website I plan to add many photos and videos in 2004. I have my first video in production at the moment (very short) however my computer is a bit old and slow so I will need to upgrade it soon to make these videos a reality!

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